Why Choose SO!?

Why Choose SO!?

Why Choose SO!?

The fastest broadband is made possible by the use of advanced fiber optic technology. Using fiber cable allows light to bend and curve and signals are transmitted faster or clearer than ever before, no matter how far the distance.

SO! LTD takes the speed and reliability of fiber optic technology and uses it to provide your home & business with superior internet, voice and internet TV.

SO! builds upon Somcable's strength as the only and largest fibre network provider that delivers complete solutions for High Speed Internet, Voice, Multimedia and Enterprise Solutions

Features of SO!

    *   Fastest Internet Service (up to 100Mbps) in Somaliland

    *   Incredibly fast download / upload speeds, fantastic for video and Audio Streaming , Online Gaming, Internet TV and Voice/VoIP

    *   Greater reliability and no interference.

    *   Increases the productivity of businesses and home offices

    *   24 x 7 customer service